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US-2014156050-A1: Microbial monitoring and prediction patent, US-2014165245-P1: Capsicum annuum PLANT NAMED SLP2B322 patent, US-2014173950-A1: Medal-mounting assembly patent, US-2014179336-A1: Apparatus and method for sharing radio spectrum resources among disparate services patent, US-2014191227-A1: Organic electroluminescence element patent, US-2014193968-A1: Semiconductor Device and Manufacturing Method of the Same patent, US-2014207730-A1: Systems and methods for providing a collaboration place interface including data that is persistent after a client is longer in the collaboration place among a plurality of clients patent, US-2014207934-A1: Computing system with off-load processing for networking related tasks patent, US-2014210923-A1: Printer mechanism with shape control mechanism patent, US-2014226296-A1: Multi-layer wiring board and method for producing multi-layer wiring board patent, US-2014227963-A1: Media Data Transfer patent, US-2014283028-A1: Malicious request attribution patent, US-2014288455-A1: Multi-frequency impedance monitoring system patent, US-2014289149-A1: Benefits administration domain model and user interface based on persistence layering patent, US-2014301592-A1: Ear pad and earphone device patent, US-2014341286-A1: Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus patent, US-2014353676-A1: Light emitting chip patent, US-2014355018-A1: Image forming apparatus, non-transitory computer readable medium, and image forming method patent, US-2014356247-A1: Cell System patent, US-2014367623-A1: Wire Stringing Angle Clamp patent, US-2014369597-A1: System and method of classifier ranking for incorporation into enhanced machine learning patent, US-2014380023-A1: Dependence-based replay suppression patent, US-2015002388-A1: Gesture and touch-based interactivity with objects using 3d zones in an interactive system patent, US-2015016433-A1: Enhanced Dedicated-Channel Signaling in a CELL_FACH State patent, US-2015022523-A1: Apparatus for, and method of, rendering image data patent, US-2015048261-A1: Apparatus for irradiating a substrate patent, US-2015059246-A1: Combined quenching and scrubbing system with guide tube for an entrained flow gasifying reactor patent, US-2015062332-A1: Volumetric measurement patent, US-2015064325-A1: Systems and methods for customized fermented beverages patent, US-2015077068-A1: Voltage fluctuation suppressing apparatus patent, US-2015106570-A1: Cache method and cache apparatus patent, US-2015116192-A1: Display device and control method for same patent, US-2015121197-A1: Identifying dynamic content in responses patent, US-2015127046-A1: Mechanical method and apparatus for sequential tissue fastening patent, US-2010157608-A1: Structure of light-emitting diode lighting tube patent, US-2010178988-A1: Game apparatus and storage medium storing game program patent, US-2010262229-A1: Endoprosthesis and Method for Manufacturing Same patent, US-2010265764-A1: Methods of accessing storage devices patent, US-2010296800-A1: Fluid heating device patent, US-2010305447-A1: Acoustic medical sensor for ultrasound imaging patent, US-2010315670-A1: Communication device patent, US-2011049446-A1: Color correction material, film-forming composition, and optical filter patent, US-2011054339-A1: Method for detecting respiratory cycles in a stethoscope signal patent, US-2011102886-A1: Lens unit, led head, exposing unit, image forming apparatus, and scanning apparatus patent, US-2011142196-A1: X-ray ct apparatus and control method of x-ray ct apparatus patent, US-2011167928-A1: Torque sensor patent, US-2011245036-A1: Method and apparatus for clutch control in a vehicle having an engine start-stop powertrain and a dual-clutch transmission patent, US-2011249592-A1: Network connection method with auto-negotiation mechanism, network apparatus having auto-negotiation mechanism and network connection method patent, US-2011271730-A1: Apparatus for and method of manufacturing a helically wound tubular structure patent, US-2011281182-A1: Fuel analyzing method and fuel analyzing device for fuel cell, and fuel cell patent, US-2011282809-A1: Combinations patent, US-2011302664-A1: Device and method for protecting an electronic system against unauthorized access patent, US-2011312066-A1: Enzymatic preparation of plant fibers patent, US-2012005002-A1: System for targeting advertising content to a plurality of mobile communication facilities patent, US-2012014217-A1: System and method For Performing Time-Lapse Monitor Surverying Using Sparse Monitor Data patent, US-2012017828-A1: Apparatus for manufacturing transparent conductive layer patent, US-2012029682-A1: Blank for producing dental shaped parts and method for producing the shaped part patent, US-2012031428-A1: Photovoltaic module cleaner patent, US-2012032924-A1: Touch screen apparatus patent, US-2012034547-A1: Structure of solid oxide fuel cell patent, US-2012065256-A1: Milbemycin compounds and treatment of dermatological disorders in humans therewith patent, US-2012073758-A1: Roll of continuous web of optical film laminate with predefined slit lines, and method and system for manufacturing the same patent, US-2012077210-A1: Measuring G Protein Coupled Receptor Activation patent, CN-100471360-C: 在一种基板,特别是在电路基板上用激光束打孔的方法 patent, US-2012090964-A1: System for positioning guides of a conveyor patent, US-2012094672-A1: Cell edge coverage hole detection in celleular wireless networks patent, US-2012107053-A1: Sandwich base structure for off-shore wind turbines patent, US-2012117648-A1: Malware Determination patent, US-2012121053-A1: Very Large Enhancements of Thermal Neutron Fluxes Resulting in a Very Large Enhancement of the Production of Molybdenum-99 Including Spherical Vessels patent, US-2012126617-A1: Industrial computer set, power cabinet and system cabinet patent, US-2012130811-A1: Presenting sponsored content on a mobile communication facility patent, US-2012130917-A1: Adjustable priority retailer ranking system patent, US-2012137147-A1: Method of powering down a computer system from a remote power button event patent, US-2012153928-A1: Power controller system patent, US-2012161521-A1: Standby wake-up circuit for electronic device patent, US-2012161661-A1: Display driving circuit having half vdd power supply circuit built therein and display driving system including the same patent, US-2012169119-A1: Universal Power Supply System patent, US-2012183129-A1: Enhanced directory assistance system patent, US-2012196354-A1: Analysis device patent, US-2012199573-A1: Substrate mounting mechanism, and substrate processing patent, US-2012204362-A1: Articulating cage patent, US-2012206210-A1: Circuitry and method for precision amplitude control in quartz and mems oscillators patent, US-2012206391-A1: Method of transmitting and receiving data and display device using the same patent, US-2012206682-A1: Electro-optic device and electronic apparatus patent, US-2012223695-A1: Electronic device and method for a limiter in an ac application patent, US-2012257779-A1: Audio processing device patent, US-2012258357-A1: Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery including same patent, US-2012285005-A1: Forming apparatus patent, US-2012290199-A1: Apparatus, system and method for self orientation patent, US-2013003086-A1: Method for processing high dynamic range images using tone mapping to extended rgb space patent, US-2013011685-A1: Biaxially oriented polyester film and release film using the same patent, US-2013028310-A1: Evaluation device for providing a transceiver system with transceiving performance information thereof patent, US-2013049880-A1: Impedance matching apparatus patent, US-2013081465-A1: Inertial sensor and angular velocity detection method using the same patent, US-2013096775-A1: Motor vehicle patent, US-2013120794-A1: Image forming apparatus, print control method, and storage medium patent, US-2013121457-A1: Patient Positioning System patent, US-2013126206-A1: Apparatus and methods for improving reliability of rf grounding patent, US-2013140339-A1: Tape Holder patent, US-2013149862-A1: Method for forming fine pattern having variable width and method for manufacturing semiconductor device using the same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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